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Rotorcraft industry survey sees Brexit impact as minimal

Posted 13 July 2017 · Add Comment

A new rotorcraft industry survey has revealed that 53% of respondents believe their business will not be impacted by Brexit.

Furthermore, 73% expect Asia to deliver the biggest increase in sales over the next year.

The uncertain geopolitical climate across Europe has many industries unsettled, however, according to Helitech International’s survey, the rotorcraft industry is slightly less concerned, with over half believing that Brexit will not impact their business at all. Meanwhile, around 30% believe it will have a direct effect, and under 20% remain undecided.

Further to this, approximately two thirds of the industry do not think that Brexit will result in more regulations for operators. This is testament to the global nature of the industry that many feel negotiations between Britain and the EU will have a limited effect on regulations around the world.

Sector Growth
The industry believes that Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) has the biggest growth potential for the next 10 years, according to 28%. The low numbers of HEMS rotorcraft across certain parts of the world, particularly in Asia, is expected to be the catalyst for investment in the near future. Elsewhere, VIP/Corporate, Utility, SAR and Off-shore all show encouragement. This diversity will be reflected at Helitech International this year, with the seminar programme spanning a range of sectors including HEMS, SAR, UAVs, plus Offshore Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind.

Regional Growth
Geographically, it is clear which region of the globe the industry feels will drive growth, with 73% indicating they expect Asia to deliver the biggest increase in sales over the next year.

Overall, around two thirds of respondents believe that the helicopter industry will experience growth over the next five years.

Sixty percent feel that in comparison to the aviation industry as a whole, the pace of innovation is lagging in the rotorcraft sector. However, the industry is undecided on the need for a certified civil tiltrotor. When asked ‘Do you think there is market appetite for a certified civil tiltrotor or compound aircraft that would provide significant advances in speed and range?’ 53% responded yes, while 47% said no.

Throughout the industry, opinions differ on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and their potential impact on operations with a slight majority believing they present an opportunity as opposed to the 31% who feel threatened by the development. A quarter of respondents feel they offer no difference.

Gillian Jenner, Editorial Director at Helitech International, commented: “Overall, the outlook within the industry remains a positive one, with the HEMS sector and Asian markets predicted to be big earners over the coming years, while the impact of Brexit is expected to be minimal.”

Helitech International takes place at ExCeL London from 3-5 October 2017.

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