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NATS conducts live stream event on future of ATM

Posted 12 July 2017 · Add Comment

With digital 'remote' control towers and artificial intelligence on the verge of transforming the world of Air Traffic Management (ATM), with enormous operational, safety and efficiency benefits for airports all around the world, NATS are inviting interested parties to discuss these changes on a livestream which will subsequently be available to view on demand.

Viewers can watch Alex Sauriol, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Searidge Technologies in live discussion with Simon Daykin, NATS Chief Architect and Andrew Taylor, NATS Head of Customer Solutions, as they explore the benefits and potential pitfalls of the next generation of ATM.
You can put questions to them live, hear their insights and get a head start in the race to embrace the digital future.
What are the real benefits from going digital? How do you address cyber security concerns? Is there any need for a physical tower to be built again?

Join NATS live stream at 09:00 British Summer Time to find out more and have your questions answered:

ATM is on the verge of a technology revolution that is going to transform how services are provided to airports and airlines. Digital towers, advances in artificial intelligence and predictive technologies are going to provide safety, value, operational and resilience benefits to airports and ANSPs there were impossible to envisage 10 years ago.
The advent of super-fast fibre networks, high definition cameras and remote sensing technology is allowing for a revolution in airport air traffic management. Instead of a tower full of controllers and equipment, there are cameras that transmit images and data to a separate control centre that could be hundreds or even thousands of miles away. There, the view of the airfield is stitched back together to create a live 360 degree image that can be augmented with other operational data, from radar labels on individual aircraft, to the location of closed taxiways.
This single 'head up display' is designed to improve a controller's situational awareness, while the camera set up provides everything a full fat tower does despite also potentially being several million pounds cheaper. Also, when combined with AI tools that integrate and analyse a vast range of operational data, you have the beginnings of the ‘smart airport’ concept, expanding from airside to landside to optimise the flow of passengers not just the flow of flight.

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