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Horizon Technologies assigned NSNs to its FlyingFish SIGINT products

Posted 15 August 2017 · Add Comment

Horizon Technologies has been assigned NATO Stock Numbers (NSNs) to its FlyingFish SIGINT products by NATO.

Due to daily usage by an increasing number of NATO countries and EU organisations, the following FlyingFish products have been assigned the NSNs below:

FF3/S. NSN: 5895-99-373-0913

FF3/SD. NSN: 5895-99-705-4272

SAT LNA. NSN: 5996-99-076-7645

TARGET LNA. NSN: 5996-99-155-44566

ANT SET. NSN: 5895-99-351-4712

John Beckner, Director of Horizon Technologies, said: “While we naturally cannot discuss many of our programmes and users, the fact that NATO has assigned us NSN’s, is a confirmation of the role Horizon Technologies is playing in support of NATO governments to fulfill their urgent intelligence requirements.

"Now every NATO country, as well as those key allies who use the NSN system, can procure FlyingFish with ease. The NSN codification system allows for a streamlined acquisition process for those users needing this essential SIGINT capability. FlyingFish is today’s essential ISR sensor for counter-terrorism, counter-piracy and refugee rescue. Our products are now flying on manned aircraft and even small UAVs due to our transformative Xtender technology. They will soon be found in space as space-based SIGINT becomes a reality.”


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