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Getac revitalises X500 server and X500 notebook

Posted 22 February 2018 · Add Comment

Manufacturers of mobile rugged devices, Getac, today announced significant updates to its X500 notebook and X500 server products, further strengthening its proposition for the defence industry.

Getac now offers a full range of customisable rugged mobile devices and software integrations specifically designed to support battlefield digitisation strategies and evolving modern warfare practices.
The fully rugged 15-inch X500 is Getac’s most powerful notebook available today with the latest high performance processors, wifi and connectivity capabilities. It allows deployed soldiers to rapidly access and process high density data such as 3D graphical mapping of an operational theatre or terrain for situational awareness, while keeping them agile in extreme environments. 
Jackson White, Sales Director at Getac UK Ltd commented: “We’re seeing growing investment in C4iSR technologies to support modern and asymmetrical warfare and digitisation strategies in the defence sector around the globe. Getac is in a position to serve this growth by providing defence organisations with a complete range of reliable, robust and secure technology that can act as a force multiplier and help ground teams operate more efficiently.”
Getac’s X500 mobile server, a portable device that resembles a rugged briefcase, can store up to 6TB of data. It meets the intensive data and mobile cloud storage needs of temporarily deployed, rapid early entry and emergency response teams. It can be used to capture analytical and mission data from dismounted troops, ground or air platforms using X500 notebooks or other mobile data devices. Teams can also use the device to analyse platform, mission and engine data to ensure operational sustainability in high demand environments. 
For defence, security of data and mobile devices is paramount. The X500 devices are certified to military standards MIL-STD 461G and MIL-STD 810G, providing reliability in the harshest theatres. Due to its open architecture it remains fully compatible with current, legacy and future Generic Base Architecture and Generic Vehicle Architecture standards. The Getac Secure ecosystem delivers robust multi-layer security to the highest standards for both hardware and software. Robust encryption protects data in use and at rest. Both the X500 notebook and server benefit from Windows 10 security features including tamper-free start-up, data protection and multifactor authentication. In the event that the system is compromised or stolen, optional Mobile Device Management software will allow it to be disabled remotely.
Getac’s ecosystem of products for defence is growing and serves multiple requirements from the MX50 rugged tablet for the dismounted soldier, the B300 which includes night vision goggle capabilities and comprehensive software integrations. The addition of the X500 series strengthens Getac’s proposition, providing the building blocks for turnkey solutions for defence and security customers.
The X500 notebook and X500 server will be available from March, 2018 and Getac offers continued support for its devices with warranties up to seven years. 


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