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Evidence Talks' Spektor completes frontline trials

Posted 15 February 2018 · Add Comment

Evidence Talks' Spektor kiosk has successfully completed frontline trials with UK police and an overseas customer.

Results of the user trials highlighted positive outcomes with the kiosk demonstrating its value in providing 'perfect results', within a 'simple process', proving the system as an ideal solution for operational officers, as well as for the private sector.

In order to produce high quality and useful evidence to deliver quick, accurate and fair criminal justice outcomes, frontline officers are increasingly being tasked with collecting digital evidence from the crime scene, prompting digital forensic experts Evidence Talks to advance new ways of achieving this goal.
The easy-to-use Spektor kiosk incorporates the company’s powerful, core Spektor triage technology, allowing frontline, non-technical investigators to perform fast and forensically sound capture and review of digital devices - including computers, laptops and storage media.
Using the kiosk, devices can be examined at much faster speeds than previously possible and evidence can be secured much earlier. Reducing the time from the seizure of potential evidence to justice being served, it streamlines the entire process from the seizure to the return of devices, bail times and ultimate sentencing.
Offering an intuitive, touchscreen interface, this system has been optimised for users across a range of investigative operations, enabling the rapid examination of digital evidence while retaining forensic integrity and producing evidential reports at the touch of a button.  Its intelligent automated analysis accelerates the identification of any content of interest, flagging priority content, ignoring unwanted content and producing results within moments, prior to deciding if a full forensic examination is needed.  It also satisfies the need to provide quick actionable intelligence.
Trained administrative users can configure permissions, workflow and search criteria thereby ensuring the necessary quality control.
“The proliferation of digital devices means it’s now likely that digital evidence will be found at almost every crime scene,” said Ashley Lane, CEO of Evidence Talks. “It’s a trend that’s compounded by rapid growth in the sheer volume and variety of data stored on devices, which adds to forensic examination workloads and explains the increasing drive to implement triage activities within frontline operations.  In specific terms, it reduces backlogs, allows earlier decisions to be made and helps to lower the cost of forensic work.”
While similar solutions are available for mobile phone triage, Evidence Talks is the first to offer desktop triaging and intelligence extraction for computers and external storage media. Allowing memory cards, SSD, HDD, USB, optical media, computers and laptops to be processed with ease, the kiosk broadens the scope of triage and intelligence gathering operations in a range of areas including border checkpoints, offices, custody suites, digital evidence suites and corporate environments.


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